On-Site Dentistry for Seniors

Nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Bruce Hasenauer set out to see his first patient in a senior living community right here in Denver, Colorado.  From that first patient we have operated with the philosophy of treating every patient and their loved ones as if they are a part of our family.  Throughout the process we strive to make it as convenient and transparent to everyone involved.  

Our staff and team of doctors are committed to working with you and your family to help determine the best path for your dental needs while taking your unique circumstances into consideration.  We do this on our state-of-the-art single operatory mobile dental clinics.  

Unlike dentistry done inside the community, we control the environment inside the clinic from start to finish.  From emergency equipment, top of the line dental equipment, infection control and sanitation (including our HEPA filtered air purifiers and UV-C sanitizers), to our patient-centered focus, we check all the boxes for a safe and convenient dental experience.  

In a traditional dental office, there are multiple ops where the dentist is bouncing back and forth from patient to patient and you have the hassle of dealing with a crowded waiting room.  With Access Mobile Dental our focus is 100% on our patient and nothing else from the moment they step inside until the moment they are finished, plus the waiting room is your home or apartment!  

 Why is Access Mobile Dental the Best Dental Option for Seniors? 

  • Quite simply, we are the only group with a state of the art mobile dental clinic on wheels (4).  That makes us the safest and most convenient option out there.  Plus we are locally owned and operated!    
  • We treat all of our patients the way we would want our own family members to be cared for.
  • Access Mobile Dental specializes in senior dentistry.  
  • We treat one patient at a time, and at Access Mobile Dental the dentist does all of the work.  
  • Our process ensures the patient and their loved ones or representatives are a part of the process from start to finish.  
  • We offer unlimited, free phone consultations, visual reports, and clear treatment plans that you agree to before a treatment visit.




With COVID-19’s effect on residents of senior care communities,and all Americans, one of the last things you may want to do issit in a waiting room for a dental appointment, or arrangetransport with questionable sanitary practices. Our mobile clinics eliminate both transport concerns, as well as exposure to anyone but the necessary dental team, and this takes place right at the patient’s front door. Read on for how we prepare foreach visit, and what to expect on board our mobile clinics.

From purified air, stringent infection control policies, and a single patient at a time, we have made every effort to be the safest way to receive your dental care. We just happen to do it right at your front door!

Before We Arrive:

Before you or your loved one boards the handicap accessible mobile clinic, our team has prepared to care for you in the safest possible manner. Each staff member is screened for symptoms of illness, temperature screened, and Covid-19 tested. All of our patients are also pre-screened before boarding the clinic.  Our single operatoryclinics mean that there is no shared air withany other patient.

During Your Visit:

When we arrive, our dental team will greetyou or your loved one at the door of yourcommunity, eliminating extra visitors inside ofyour home of community. Donning respiratory, eye, hand, and body personal protective equipment, our team will escort you on to our clinic where the air is purified by the highest grade filter on the market (the ULPA filter), the surfaces are disinfected, and the clean and state-of-the-art dental operatory is ready to care for all of your dental needs. 

After Your Visit:

Once the dental team has escorted you or your loved one back home or to your community, the clinic air is circulated by bothULPA and HEPA filters, Cavicide disinfectant is used to clean all surfaces, and all disposable materials and barriers are discarded. All reusable dental instrumentation is prepared for heat and steam sterilization, and UV-C light sanitation bathes the clinic. Our team has practiced the highest standards of infection control before the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to do so after the dust has settled. All billing and paperwork is contactless and timely.

Access Mobile Dental is the preferred provider at over 160 communities in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas from Castle Rock to Boulder and everywhere in between!