The Mobile Clinics

***Breaking NEWS!***

Access Mobile Dental recently commissioned and completed the construction of two new mobile dental clinics! Each new dental clinic is equipped with ULPA and HEPA filtered air purifiers and UV-C sanitation lights to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Continuing to raise the bar we set for delivering comprehensive on-site dental care for seniors in Colorado over 20 years ago, these new mobiles, like all of our past mobile clinics, are also wheelchair accessible and emergency equipped.  We are proud to present our newest safe and convenient COMPREHENSIVE DENTAL CLINICS ON WHEELS!  

“Access Mobile Dental set the standard of care with the single-op dental clinic and systematic approach to mobile dentistry over 20 years ago. It’s been our mission all along to treat each of our patients like they were our own family members.” 

Why is a single-op mobile dental clinic a better option than in-room or in-community dental services?

  • No shared air with the dental patient in the operatory next door.
  • Any spray of saliva happens outside of the community. Some dental procedures create aerosols. The single mobile operatory keeps those aerosols, which could include virus or other bacterias, out of your community.
  • Fewer people in and out of your community.
  • A safe and well lit space. 
  • An electric dental chair allows for comfort and safe provision of dental services.
  • UV-C sanitation and HEPA filtered air.
  • Non-porous surfaces that are sanitized after each patient.
  • Emergency equipped, including oxygen, AEDs, and all other necessary emergency equipment.

Our single operatory dental clinics are the superior option for safe and efficient dental services. We control the environment, which means we can be sure that every surface is clean before our patient enters the clinic, and again when they leave. The ability to sanitize all surfaces surrounding the dental chair allow us to maintain the most stringent of infection control protocol. Not only are we the most convenient choice, we set the standard for safety.

Cleaner Space, Cleaner Air

A single operatory also means that you aren’t exposed to the aerosolized virus and bacteria from the patient in the operatory next door. It means that those aerosolized particles aren’t lingering in your community. The air purification systems on each mobile clinic turn the clinic air over every 8-10 minutes. 

Our Eyes Are On You

Another distinctive feature of care from Access Mobile Dental is that you are the Dentist’s sole focus. There is no bouncing between other operatories to check on other patients. A single operatory means a single focus: YOU! The waiting room? Your home.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Below is a picture of one of our former mobile dental clinics.  At the time it was built in 2015, it raised the bar from the previous clinics with a more streamlined exterior and superior drivability.  The interior featured more counter top space for our doctor and assistant.  This mobile served many thousands of seniors in Colorado.  

  • Built in 2015
  • Single op dental clinic for the safety and convenience  for our patients and their senior living communities.  Infection control has always been a top priority!
  • Duel AC units and electric heaters to control the climate
  • Emergency equipped

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Pictured below is one of our older style mobiles.  Built on a class A RV, once again, during it’s hey day was a sight to behold.  This beauty also served many thousands of patients at communities throughout the Denver Metro and surrounding areas.  We’ve since streamlined the exterior for an easier driving (and parking) experience for our dental team!

  • Built in 2007 

The One That Started It All

The first mobile clinic was built using a Los Angeles City bus similar to what is pictured above.